Tonight, I enjoyed attending our Morgantown Rotary Meetup. During this special evening of gathering, all 5 Morgantown clubs bring their members together to fellowship and talk Rotary.  While at the meeting, someone mentioned the Wheel that serves as our Rotary logo and it made me think about the true historical significance of our organization. Hope you enjoy this program!
Every Rotary Year, the District Governor makes it a top priority to visit (at least once) each of the 30+ Rotary Clubs in District 7530.  This year, our District Governor Mike Kirkpatrick has authored the weekly program below to present his vision and priorities for the 2015-16 Rotary year.  We believe this visit by our DG to be especially meaningful as not only the First MSRE Weekly program for 2016, but also the First Weekly program for our new Website!  Please enjoy the first-ever District Governor's virtual visit to our club.
I wanted to take time this week to share a film my company recently completed for Glenville State College and their Hidden Promise Scholarship program. The film was submitted to the White House as part of a peer mentoring initiative sponsored by the First Lady.  For me, the story told by students at GSC proved to be inspiring and reassuring that even with all the changes in the world, we still have much to be proud of in today’s young people and to the importance to taking time for others. I hope you enjoy the piece and please feel free to share with others.
When we look around our country and world, it isn’t hard to find many stories about poverty and the negative stereotypes that come along with it. This TED talk really stood out to me because it focuses on the progress and positive things happening across the globe….and because the presenter is BONO!
Other than National Soft Pretzel Month and, of course, April Fool’s Day, this time of year marks the beginning of spring and a re-awakening of sorts. We’ve made it past the dog days of winter and the world is full of possibilities for the coming spring and summer months.